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Smoke Damage Cleanup After a Fire in Connecticut

Fires are incredibly destructive, and even after the flames are extinguished smoke and soot can continue to wreak havoc on your home. Soot and smoke damage from a fire can affect large areas of your home and the longer the damage goes untreated the more difficult the task of repairing your home in Connecticut will be.

Fire cleanup in ConnecticutHomeowners in Connecticut who attempt the cleanup of soot and smoke themselves following a fire often don’t realize how difficult it is to remove soot and smoke odor, and don’t always recognize that it can also be hazardous to their health.

Hiring a professional fire cleanup such as Professional Carpet Systems in Connecticut can expedite the entire process and can reduce the overall cost of your home’s restoration. A professional technician will have the knowledge and tools available to quickly and effectively restore your home following a fire.

Soot Removal After a Fire in Connecticut

Soot can result in extensive damage to your home and it can be incredibly difficult to remove without the right tools. Soot tends to be greasy and is especially difficult to remove after it has become wet. It is also hazardous, and homeowners should take necessary precautions to protect their respiratory systems during cleanup.

Soot damage should be addressed quickly, as it can penetrate surfaces and cause additional damage. It can permanently cause discoloration of some surfaces, and some things will need to be replaced rather than restored depending on the amount of damage.

Smoke Damage in your Connecticut Home or Office

Smoke damage is a secondary source of damage after a fire, but it can greatly impact areas of your home not directly damaged by the fire. Nearly all porous materials will sustain some smoke damage including carpet, furniture, clothing, and draperies.

Professional Carpet Systems technicians will have the knowledge necessary to treat a number of different textiles for smoke damage, and will be able to restore items you may not be able to save yourself. For more information or for emergency service call 203-309-4409.

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