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Cleaning Carpet in Hartford

At Professional Carpet Systems – The Little Things Make A BIG Difference!

When it comes to carpet cleaning Hartford, we know a little somethin’ about taking care of our customers and their homes.  Any monkey can buy a carpet cleaning van and learn how to “hook it all up” in an attempt to sell carpet cleaning Hartford.  Heck, the same monkey might even be one of your friends, neighbors or heaven forbid – your relative.  But to use a little Yoda phraseology, “A carpet cleaning machine bought – make a professional carpet cleaner does not”.  (I just came up with that… Can you believe it?)

Anyhow, we here at Professional Carpet Systems have been professionally performing carpet cleaning Hartford for A LOOOONG time.  And even though we are truly awesome at cleaning carpets (and upholstery, tile, and rugs for that matter) we know how important it is to always do the little things – because they make a BIG difference.

Carpet Cleaning Hartford is an OBSESSION!

For Instance, we use a cleaning method called “hot water extraction” in our process.  And even though it is the absolute BEST method of carpet cleaning Hartford, because it uses water to rinse the carpet fibers clean it leaves the carpet damp when we’re all finished.  (Don’t worry, it only takes a couple of hours to dry.)  And if your furniture is left unprotected on the damp carpeting there’s a risk that it will be damaged.  Plus, furniture left on damp carpeting after the carpet cleaning Hartford can transfer the stain from the legs back on to the carpet.  This is BAD!  That’s why we at Professional Carpet Systems ALWAYS put  Styrofoam blocks or plastic sheets under the legs of furniture that remains on the damp carpet.  Pretty cool, huh?

Carpet Cleaning Hartford (Hey, check out the shoe covers.  We use them too.)

And, the water we use in carpet cleaning Hartford has to be heated and brought into the house somehow, right?  Plus, after we use that water to clean and rinse the carpet we have to get it back out of the house.  We do this by – you guessed it – HOSES!  And those hoses can scuff up and damage the corners of walls and doors.  But NOT with Professional Carpet Systems!!  No sir, because we ALWAYS use protective corner guards when we are performing carpet cleaning Hartford.  We don’t believe in trashing our customer’s homes just to get clean carpets (and furniture, and tile, and rugs).

Carpet Cleaning Hartford

We love our customers and want them to use our carpet cleaning Hartford services year after year.  And we want them to tell all of their friends how great their experience was with Professional Carpet Systems.

These are just a few examples of how we at Professional Carpet Systems pay attention to the little things of carpet cleaning Hartford.  To find out for yourself just how amazing it is to have us clean your carpets – Give us a call TODAY.  We promise you will love us.

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