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How Sewage Damage Affects Your Home

Sewage can cause a significant amount of damage to your Hartford home very quickly, soaking carpets, seeping into walls, and damaging furniture and other personal items. Sewage cleanup requires multiple steps to ensure your home is clean, safe, and free of odors after sewage damage occurs, and the sooner cleanup can begin the better.

Sewage damage, like all other water damage, will continue to cause damage to your home the longer it is left untreated. Building materials will absorb sewage water, and the potential for mold will be great. Unfortunately, when it comes to sewage damage, many item cannot be saved and it is usually best to throw out contaminated materials and items during sewage cleanup.

Basement Sewage Cleanup Hartford

Basements often have the greatest risk of suffering sewage damage, especially when sewage backs up from the main sewer line due to flooding or a blockage in the line. Because it is the lowest point in your home, it will be the first to fill up with sewage.

It is extremely important that sewage cleanup begins as soon as possible after damage occurs, since basements are especially prone to mold. The excess moisture, in combination with the contaminants found in sewage, can quickly lead to mold growth that is both visible and hidden.

Basements often contain various appliances including furnaces, water heaters and washers and dryers. Damages to these appliances can be minimized by acting quickly after sewage damage occurs.

Sewage damage cleanup | We Dri FastBathroom and Kitchen Sewage Cleanup Hartford

Sewage can also backup into your kitchen, bathrooms, or wherever else there is a drain, including the laundry room. In some instances sewage damage can be contained to these areas, limiting the amount of damage to other areas of the home. Hard-surface building materials used in these areas help contain damage and prevents sewage from seeping through flooring.

Sewage cleanup of a kitchen or bathroom will involve the extraction of water, followed by thoroughly drying the area. Odor control may also be implemented at this time, especially if you wish to remain in the home while cleanup is being performed.

After all the water is removed, sewage damage requires additional cleaning and disinfecting to ensure any harmful bacteria, viruses and parasites have been eliminated. This is a critical step in the sewage cleanup process, and it is especially important in areas that receive a lot of traffic or where food is consumed.

Hiring a Sewage Cleanup Professional in Hartford

Sewage cleanup should always be performed by a trained professional, like the ones at Professional Restoration Systems in Hartford. We have the equipment, knowledge and chemicals necessary to clean and disinfect your home, restoring it back to normal. It is not recommended that homeowners attempt to handle sewage cleanup on their own, as the risks are often too great.

Before your Professional Restoration Systems sewage cleanup professional arrives, avoid entering the damaged area, as this will lead to cross-contamination of other areas of your home. Direct contact with sewage or sewage-contaminated water should be avoided and considered dangerous.

It is in your best interest to hire a sewage cleanup professional, as this is the only way to ensure that all the water has been removed and your home is safe and free of contaminants from the sewage.

Professional sewage cleanup companies will be available around the clock to respond whenever sewage damages your home. Never wait until morning or until it is convenient—sewage damage is a serious problem that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. Call Professional Restoration Systems in the event of a sewage damage emergency.

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