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Professionally Cleaned Hardwood Floors Can Last A Life Time

Young Couple Sitting on Love SeatWith the right upkeep hardwood floors are aesthetically pleasing and quite durable. Sometimes, even with the best care, hardwood floors can become worn and damaged. When this happens to your hardwood floors it is best to call in the professionals to help restore your hardwood floors.


Bringing a professional in to restore or refinish your hardwood floors can not only bring back the life into your floors but extend your floors life as well. Here at Professional Carpet Systems we offer revolutionary sandless hardwood floor refinishing, which enables us to restore your hardwood floors without dry sanding.



When hiring a professional to restore your hardwood floors you should ask the following questions to find the right professional for your home.

  • “How much will it cost? What is your pricing structure?” Get an estimate you are comfortable with.
  • “How long has your company been in business”? Experience matters!
  • “Do you move the furniture or should I have it moved? If you move it does it cost extra?” Avoid being surprised by having to do extra work or pay extra fees.
  •  “What kind of process would you use to restore my hardwood floors?”

Call Professional Carpet Systems today for a free in-home evaluation. We are happy to answer all of your questions and help you with your hardwood floor refinishing needs.

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