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Mold Removal in Seymour

Mold in ShowerHaving mold in your Seymour home not only looks disgusting, it also poses hazardous health risks to anyone in the area. In order to effectively remove mold in Seymour and prevent it from returning, you should hire the professionals at Professional Restoration Systems of Connecticut. We know the ins and out of effect mold removal.

Mold occurs when there is a certain level of moisture in your home. Aside from this, it also needs oxygen, a food source and surface in which to grow. Wall paper and wood are the most common food sources and if these kinds of surfaces have water damage, this will be enough for mold to easily grow.

Most people think that a mold situation is only a visual problem. Mold certainly does look terrible and mold damage takes out the beauty of any wall or furniture. Mold is also one of the leading causes of respiratory problems. What makes mold such a terrible health adversary? Mold grows in our living spaces and usually has a number of breeding areas that we fail to notice.

There are hundreds of types of mold that comes with varying levels of danger. Black mold or stachybotrys is one of the more dangerous species. Black mold tends to discharge toxins in the air that are known to be responsible for severe respiratory infections and sometimes even cancer. They grow only on extremely moist areas, usually brought about by flooding or major leaks in pipes.

Regardless of the situation, if you discover mold damage in your Seymour home, make sure to work only with the certified contractors, such as Professional Restoration Systems of Connecticut. A mold problem puts your family’s health at risk, and this is something you should not take lightly.

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