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Professional Carpet Cleaning – Let’s Talk About That

First thing is first, do you have carpets in your Hartford home? If the answer to that is no than check out our “Professionally Cleaned Hardwood Floors Can Last a Life Time” article. If your answer is yes you have come to the right place!

Now that we have established that you have carpets in your home, how often do you clean those carpets? Did you know that dirty carpets can lead to potential health risks?


Don’t let dirty carpets get you sick!

dirty carpet allergies

Dust and pollutants such as pet dander, insect allergens, lead particles and nasty little dust mites can find their way into your carpet threads. Toxic airborne gasses can even attached themselves to these particles making them even more hazardous.

Anyone with carpets will vacuum from time to time and a few of us even take the time to shampoo our carpets every so often. But nothing cleans and extends the life of your carpet as well as a good professional carpet cleaning does.

Who doesn’t want to extend the life of their carpets, create a cleaner atmosphere, and save time and even money in the long run?

carpet cleaning hartford

Did you know that not all carpet is the same and that different cleaning techniques need to be applied to each type of carpet? The professionals at Professional Carpet Systems know how to tell the difference and can give your carpets the proper, high quality professional cleaning your carpet deserves.

In the long run, having a professional carpet cleaning in Hartford can save you serious money. It’ll lengthen the life of your carpets and give you more time until you have to replace them again.


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