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Holiday Carpet Cleaning Tips

carpet cleaning seymourIf you’re like most people, the thought of having friends or family over to your home for the holidays sends you into a frenzied panic. You want everything to be perfect – which includes presenting a neat and clean home. Just before Thanksgiving is a popular time to hire a carpet cleaning professional in Seymour, and those who do enjoy clean, fresh carpets throughout the busy holiday season.

The challenge here though is obvious: the holidays occur when the weather outside isn’t exactly clean and dry, and those holiday dinners can lead to unexpected spills that can cause stains. So how do you keep your carpets looking great when you are really expecting the most from them? Here are a few tips to keep your carpets clean and bright through the New Year and beyond.

Schedule Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

You have enough to worry about during the holiday season, so let a professional in Seymour take care of your carpet cleaning needs. Be sure to schedule your appointment a few weeks in advance of your planned event to ensure the availability of the carpet cleaner and to allow for any stains that may resurface to be taken care of. Remember that others will want to have their carpets cleaned during this time too, and that carpet cleaners also like to celebrate the holidays.

Clean Up Spills as Soon as Possible

When there are a lot of people in your home and there are food and drinks, having something get spilled on your clean carpets is practically inevitable. When it happens, make sure to clean up the spill as soon as possible to prevent staining. You may want to put together a spot cleanup kit beforehand that includes a white cloth and a quality general spot remover for quick cleanups. Your carpet cleaning company may be able to help you find a spot remover.

Use Walk Off Mats

When the weather in Seymour is cold, wet and muddy, using walk off mats can help protect your carpets from unnecessary soiling. These mats should be durable, absorbent, and have the ability to trap dirt, mud, and moisture from outside. Place walk off mats at all entryways, and also considering putting a mat from the kitchen to the carpeted area to keep foods and oils from being tracked onto the carpeting. Walk off mats are the first line of defense when keeping your carpets clean after a professional carpet cleaning visit.

Professional Carpet Cleaning in Seymour

Professional Carpet Systems of Southern Connecticut provides quality carpet cleaning services in Seymour and New Haven County. Contact us today to schedule your carpet cleaning before the holidays so you can have a clean and beautiful home to enjoy with your friends and family.

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