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Caring for Commercial Carpets in Hartford

You probably already know that carpet in your business building is considerably different then the carpet in your home. The purpose of commercial carpet is to be able to better withstand all the traffic coming and going here and there, and is more resistant to visible staining and wear and tear. It is made stronger and more durable. The weaves are tighter together and the feel of commercial carpet is generally less soft and are made with a different type of fiber than the carpets you might find in your home.

Cleaning Commercial Carpets

Commercial carpets require special care and deep cleaning to remove all that dirt and other residues that are tracked across high-traffic areas in your business. Commercial carpets are often designed with special patterns or darker colors so it is harder to see soiled areas until the carpets are really, really dirty.

commercial carpet cleanersOur carpet cleaning professionals at Professional Carpet Systems would definitely not recommend a store-bought shampooer to clean the carpets, as the store-bought shampooers have a difficult time getting all the dirt and dust from the carpet fibers and it takes longer for the carpet to dry. Store bought shampooers may seem like  great idea at first, but other than poorly cleaning commercial carpets, the shampooers also leave behind cleaning residue and have the chance of causing mold growth and stale odors if the carpets stay wet for too long.

Commercial carpet cleaners have specialized equipment that scrub the carpets to release deep down dirt, and use high powered extraction equipment to remove the water, dirt, and any cleaning solutions, ensuring your carpets dry quickly and cleanly. Most consumer brand products simply don’t have the power to extract as much water as commercial machines.

Hartford Carpet Cleaners

Professional Carpet Systems in Hartford understands how to get commercial carpets their cleanest so you can promote a positive image to your customers or clients, and your employees can feel comfortable knowing their environment is clean. This is why we here at Professional Carpet Systems in Hartford are the correct solution to your commercial carpet cleaning needs. Contact us today!

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