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Household Appliances: The Dangers of Flooding

water damage cleanup dishwasherAny household appliance that you own that connects to a water line has the potential to malfunction or develop clogs that can lead to serious flood damage. PCS Southern has compiled a list of the top 5 flood damage culprits and how you can prevent them from causing water damage.

  1. Refrigerators

Refrigerators are known to produce a ton of excess moisture, especially if they are cooling beverages and food items in a warm environment. Every time you open that refrigerator door to grab a soda or a quick snack, warm air passes over the condenser coil creating excess moisture otherwise known as condensation.  The condensation that has accumulated will start to pool at the bottom of your refrigerator.

Most modern refrigerators are outfitted with a drain line that can siphon off this excess moisture. However, drain lines can become blocked by crumbs and bits of food, which will prevent the drain line from properly doing its job. Drain lines should be cleaned regularly to avoid any clogs and water backups.

The water supply line that feeds to your ice maker can also cause water damage. Should this line become detached, you could be looking at a massing amount of flood damage when you make your way home.

  1. Dishwashers

Quite often, when a dishwasher overflows it is because someone put too much detergent into the dispenser.  In other scenarios, flood damage sustained from a dishwasher could be the result of a faulty float switch or clogged strainer. Strainers can easily be removed and unclogged and float switches can easily be replaced. If for any reason your dishwasher is leaking and it isn’t related to the float switch or a clogged drain you may want to check the water lines that connect to the dishwasher.


  1. Washing Machines

When a washing machine causes a flood it can be dramatic. Fortunately, flood damage is easy to prevent with washing machines if you properly maintain them. The most common areas for washer leaks are the hose connections, inlet connections, post gaskets, air dome seal, and the pump. Refer to your user’s manual to check the location of these items.  Double check all of your connections for any loose seals, or damaged hoses.

The professionals at PCS Southern in Seymour CT can help you resolve and flood damage disasters that you may be facing. When your appliances malfunction and cause flood damage don’t hesitate to call the professionals who are properly equipped and trained to deal with the situation.

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