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Faulty Sprinklers in Seymour CT

sprinkler systemYour grass is green and growing fast and your lawn is looking great! The sprinkler system seems to be working great, or is it? You may not know it, but your sprinkler system is just like any other well-oiled machine that needs regular maintenance. Even sprinkler systems with cracks, leaks, and clogs can still keep your grass green and growing. That is why the water damage professionals at Professional Cleaning Systems Southern in Seymour, CT recommend that you check your sprinklers on a regular basis. Failing to check your sprinkler system could lead to a water damage disaster later on that could end up being very costly.

A Few things you can look out for:

Higher water bills

If your sprinkler system has sprung a leak the first indication might be from your water bill. If you have noticed that your water bill has become higher than normal, take a look at your water meter. If the meter is constantly spinning or a leak indicator is activated your sprinkler system could have sprung a leak.

Note: This could also indicate a water leak inside your home related to your appliances or plumbing system.

Dry spots in your yard

When your sprinklers become damaged they may not provide water coverage for your entire yard like they used to. When your sprinklers stop watering your entire lawn, the grass that isn’t getting enough coverage will start to grow slower or with and die altogether.

Water logged areas

When your sprinkler system has a crack or any leaks that section of your yard will constantly be wet and soggy or have a boggy feel when you walk across it. Water logged areas could also be the effect of surface drainage issues after heavy rainfall. To rule out that possibility check to see if the wet spot is lower than the surrounding lawn and if it remains wet even when the sprinkler system is not in use.


When your sprinkler system starts to leak, the water might sit on the surface of certain areas attracting the attention of mosquitos. Standing water is the perfect breeding ground for mosquitos. If you see an unusual amount of mosquitos hanging around certain spots in your yard you may want to investigate that area to make sure there are no leaks or crack in your sprinkler system.

There are numerous reasons why your sprinkler system can become faulty. Some of those reasons include but are not limited to:

  • Tree root growth that results in damaged water lines.
  • Tubing or tape that has been damaged by foot traffic.
  • Animals chewing or gnawing on sprinkler heads.
  • Failing to air out and clean your sprinkler system during off seasons.
  • Lawn maintenance that leads to broken or damaged sprinkler heads (mowing the lawn, hedging, etc.).

If suspect that your sprinkler system has been leaking and your home has suffered water damage because of it, contact the water damage professionals at Professional Cleaning Systems Southern in Seymour, CT. We can help you remove and repair any water damage areas in your home.

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