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4 Common Carpet Cleaning Mistakes

carpet cleaning mistakesSince beautiful carpets have a tendency to be costly, they can be considered a significant investment. And like all investments, you need to look after them by keeping them clean! There are several important reasons to keep your carpets clean. Not only do clean carpets improve air quality and prevent sickness, they also look great!

Unfortunately, some homeowners get over-zealous and attempt to clean their carpets too frequently. Others use the wrong cleaning product. Whatever the mistake may be, it’s important to be familiar with common carpet cleaning pitfalls to avoid damaged and dirty flooring.

  1. Letting a Spill Set

The quickest way to a ruined carpet is to let spills set without cleaning up properly. During the minutes and hours after damage, the stain seeps into the carpet fiber and subfloor. (Subfloors have to be completely replaced if damaged.) After the stain dries, cleaning can be tricky! In fact, certain spills and stains will begin to eat away at carpet fibers after time, so it’s important to act promptly if you or your family spills on the carpet. If you have any questions about cleaning carpet, feel free to contact Professional Carpet Systems in Hartford.

  1. Failing to Test New Cleaning Solutions

Store-bought carpet cleaners and homemade solutions are usually a great quick fix to dirty carpet. However, what many homeowners don’t realize is that each cleaner has a unique effect on different carpet brands. Some cleaners are naturally sticky which adhere to the carpet fibers, leave a residue, and then attract dirt. The result? Your carpets are dirtier than before.

Be sure to test each new cleaning solution used on your carpet. Do you have an old scrap of carpet left over from installation? Perfect. Use and abuse it to ensure the effectiveness of any new cleaning product.

  1. Cleanings Spills Improperly

Another common carpet cleaning mistake is rubbing a stain too vigorously with a cloth, brush, or any other cleaning tool. Rubbing the stain actually untwists the carpet strands and grinds the stain further into the intricate fibers. As an alternative option, soak up the spill with a clean white cloth, paper towel, or newspaper by standing on top of it (colored fabrics may transfer dye onto the carpet).  Gently blot out the stain until it is gone.

  1. Not Hiring a Professional

There’s a reason that carpet manufacturers recommend annual professional cleanings. Since vacuuming only removes 80% of dirt, professional carpet cleanings for your home in Hartford are necessary to maintain fresh, clean carpets. The advanced carpet cleanings offered by Professional Carpet Systems are great for stubborn stains that have been caught during the year.

We all know that spending time preventing carpet issues is far better than finding a cure. Take the time to regularly maintain your carpets to create a clean atmosphere in your home. It’s worth the investment!

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