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Caring for Your Leather Furniture

leather upholsteryMost of us love the look and feel of having that new leather furniture in your Oxford home. However, do you ever wonder how to protect your leather furniture? This type of material requires regular maintenance to keep it looking fresh and new. If you don’t perform this regular maintenance, you could risk having the leather dry, crack, or even discolor. Leather is really sensitive to stains, especially liquid stains. To make sure your leather furniture stays fresh, keep in mind these simple steps.

Removing Stains

Remove liquid stains as soon as you possibly can. Leather is a very porous material. Thus making it absorb liquid very quick. The longer you leave the liquid on the leather, the harder it will be to get out, causing a more permanent stain. This is a great tip to follow even if you do not have leather furniture.

When you are cleaning your furniture, especially leather , be sure not to use chemicals that are too harsh. When it comes to choosing cleaners for leather, you could even consider chemicals that are gentle for the human skin. This will make sure that you will not ruin your beautiful leather furniture. Many times there is a tag this will explain how to treat the material. This tag will help ensure you that your furniture will be kept in ideal condition.

Prevent Scratching

Before you begin any type of cleaning on your furniture, make sure you brush off any debris that has been left on your furniture. This will help prevent any scratching that happens to your leather. However, do not use any abrasive pads that could scratch the material while brushing off the debris. There are certain oil and cleaners based on the hardness of the leather. Be sure to pick the right cleaners based on your leather’s hardness.

Many times leather comes with a protective finish to help protect your leather. However, most people do not realize that you have to replenish every so often. There are many different options and products you can use to put on your leather to help preserve it even longer. Be sure not to use any protectant that has a wax or silicone, this will make contaminants stick to the leather.

Be careful where you put your leather furniture. Having it in the sun could make the leather dry out, causing it to crack and dry out. You should also consider not putting your furniture in front of your air conditioner or vents because these have the same effect as putting your leather in the sun.

Hire a Professional

If you uncertain about how to take care of or even treat your leather, don’t hesitate to contact and professional. They will give you the necessary tips and help needed to ensure your leather will last for many years to come in your Oxford home.

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