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Removing Smoke Damage and Odor

smoke odor removal servicesTIPS FOR REMOVING SMOKE ODOR

We all know that accidents happen. Whether it be that someone fell asleep with a lasagna in the oven or forgetting to blow out a candle, unfortunate things will occur that leave your kitchen and dining room reeking of smoke. Even if there is very minimal damage, that smell isn’t going to go anywhere on its own. Here are a few tips for removing smoke odor in your home, but be sure to remember that if there’s any damage you’re unsure of or can’t seem to eliminate on your own, call a qualified professional to help you do the trick

Air Circulation

When the fire happened it filled your house with smoke and the only way to clean the smoke smell out is to begin getting air circulation running through your house to hopefully push these odors out. Open as many windows and doors as you can. This will increase the air flow in your house and hopefully come in one window and push the smoke out the other. Professionals can remove smoke damage odor with the use of industrial fans and other equipment like industrial strength air filters will help remove the particles from the air that cause the smoke smell, along with any other dust and pollens that might be floating around. The last thing you want is to keep the smoke continually recirculating around our house. The use of an Air filter will prevent that from happening and leave your house smelling good as new.

Eliminate the evidence

Whether it be a casserole that was left in the oven or a match that got thrown away before it was completely cooled down, the source of the fire needs to be removed and cleaned immediately. This will continue to send the smoke odor through your house, making it pointless to even try to completely remove the smell. Get all the burned leftovers out of the house or out to the dumpster and clean any salvageable items as fast as you can. If the fire was larger than a burnt lasagna dish contact your local fire and smoke damage restoration company to help repair and of the fire damage.


Smoke particles can rest and stick to almost any surface in the affected area. Once this happens, air circulation will no longer be able to push the smell out, making it almost impossible to completely remove the smell. This is why you should be sure to clean all surfaces, furniture, carpets, and fabrics in the area when the fire happened. Cleaning up smoke damage is not as safe and easy as you may think it would be. Smoke odor can infiltrate any of the surfaces in your home, making it difficult to completely remove the smell without the help of an expert.

If your home has a smoke damage or odor contact Professional Restoration Services in Southern Connecticut. Our professionals can completely eliminate smoke odors!

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