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Caring for Your Carpets

Carpet Cleaning Seymour CTCarpets are definitely a great way to help add color and warmth to your beautiful home in Seymour. Regular vacuum cleaning is a great start to help fight against the dirt and grind that get built up in the carpet fibers. However, carpet cleaning to your Seymour home also needs to be regularly professionally done as well to keep them looking their best. You should often plan to have your carpets cleaned every 12 to 18 months or even more in high-traffic areas. If you happen to have a light-colored carpet or even pets in your home, you should have your carpets cleaned at least two- three times a year. Here below are some great tips you can use to help keep your carpets looking fresh.

Not Cleaning Your Carpets

Be sure to follow your carpet manufacturer’s cleaning guidelines. Dirt can act like thousands of small razor blades that can cut up your fibers inside your carpet. When you are walking across your carpets with dirt, you are actually grinding particles against the fibers. A great tip to keep in mind is when you see fuzz inside your vacuum cleaner bag, those are the carpet fibers leaving your beautiful carpet. Also, when dirt rubs against the fibers, this can give your carpet a dull look. This is why heavier traffic areas in your home look duller than other areas in your home.


Regular vacuuming can be a great start to help to keep your carpets looking. However, many of us tend to get too busy and forget to vacuum. If this happens to be you, you should set a regular schedule to vacuum your carpets. When you use a HEPA filter, you can get two birds with one stone. You can help make sure your carpets are getting cleaned while also making sure you are getting that clean indoor air that your Seymour home deserves. This filter can help trap pollen, dust, and other allergens in your home.

Leaving Your Shoes By The Door

Leaving your shoes by the door can lower the exposure your carpet gets of chemicals and other bacteria. The majority of lead and dust that are inside your home comes from outside soil. If you can leave your shoes by your door, you can lower your lead by a staggering 60 percent! This can also reduce the exposure of having dust mites in your house as well.

Carpet Cleaning

Some of us think that we need to have heavy duty cleaning chemicals to clean spills in our carpets. Baking soda is great to help remove stains or even odors from your carpets. Dissolve 1-tsp of baking soda in a cup of water and pour it over the stain. After that, you can then start to steam clean that area where the stain is. If you end up steam cleaning your Seymour carpets, just remember not to do this on a humid summer day or even winter days. This may cause your carpets not to dry properly on your home. Thus doing more bad than good.

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