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Why Use A Professional Tile And Grout Cleaner

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Whether you’ve remodeled with high-end granite, or are living with a 70’s retro pink and turquoise bathroom, nothing undermines your clean look like stained grout. Maintaining the smooth and pristine appearance of your tiles is a challenge because dirt and grime build up in the thin grout lines that hold the tiles in place. The solution is regular, separate and specialized cleaning of heavily used, wet areas such as kitchens, entryways, and bathrooms.

Why does it look so bad?

Although you may clean the surfaces daily, the procedure for ensuring a spotless look requires another process. While tiles are sealed from absorbing stains, the porous nature of sand based grout allows the material to absorb spilled materials and germs. In most cases, it is the grout in between that gets soiled, not the actual tile. Grout is positioned slightly lower than the tile itself, which allows dirt to accumulate easier, and the porous texture of grout makes cleaning a real challenge. Before you attack the stains in your home, determine the surfaces involved. If you have vulnerable materials like travertine, slate, or marble your options are more limited than when cleaning more durable ceramic tiles.

What else works besides elbow grease?

When researching methods for cleaning grout, where should you start? Recommended home-based recipes for cleaning solutions suggest vinegar, bleach, or hydrogen peroxide. Commercially available options include even more caustic and corrosive materials. It’s a good idea to wear gloves when using these types of products. They contain strong cleaning agents that could irritate your skin.

DIY experts use tools such as pencil erasers, toothbrushes, or even sandpaper. However, if the method used is too harsh, you can damage your grout and even worse, your tiles.  Consult the manufacturers’ instructions for your home.  If you are unsure, ask a professional cleaning company for a recommendation.

After cleaning, rinse again with hot water and let it dry completely. You might not be done yet…

Keeping it clean

If you have a hard time keeping the clean look, you might need to reseal the grout. Proper original installation of tile work would have included sealing of the grout. Over time, this seal becomes less effective.  If no sealing was performed, the grout stands even higher chances of getting dirty very quickly especially when regular cleaning is missing as well.  You’ll need to reapply the silicone based sealer every two years, or more frequently if the grout is in a high-traffic area. Again, consult professional cleaning experts to determine a maintenance schedule for your home.

Pressurized hot water to “steam away” the dirt

Some commercial companies use specialized equipment to super heat pure water, create pressure and flush out the dirt. This healthy alternative is safer for your tiles and your home. Professional Carpet Systems serves Hartford, New Haven, Fairfield and surrounding areas in Connecticut. Their trained Cleaning Specialists can return floors to a like-new condition; all the dirt and grime is safely “steamed” away. One visit can rejuvenate bathroom floors, showers, tubs, backsplashes and tiled foyers.

How long will it take to have my tile floor professionally cleaned?

While an average size room of 300 sq. ft. typically takes 60-90 minutes, the time can vary depending on the level of soiling. You will then need to stay off the floor until it is dry, usually about 30 minutes. Professional Carpet Systems can work with your schedule to minimize disruption and help you maintain a clean, healthy, attractive home. Call them at (203)446-4563 or contact online at

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