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Pro Carpet Cleaning VS. Spot Cleaning

carpet cleaning new haven ct, carpet cleaning new haven, professional carpet cleaning new havenYour high-quality vacuum is the best tool for day to day maintenance of your carpet. Soil, sand, and grit get tracked onto your rugs every single day; pollens, mold spores, and allergens land on it every hour. However, even with regular vacuuming, you’ll begin to see signs that your routine has become, well, too routine. Occasional, regular professional cleaning with industrial equipment and expert knowledge can address stubborn stains and buildup that your household tools can’t. Professional cleaning will pay back the dividends of a safer, healthier home for you and your family.

Over time and with regular use, floor coverings collect dirt, oils, and allergens. High traffic areas begin to look dingy, floors show signs of wear; the fibers may become flattened and you may even start to notice odors. Carpets with stain resistance will help protect against with accidental spills, however, dirt still gets under the fibers.

Although having your own machine is useful for small stains and routine maintenance, most home machines don’t have the suction power professional machines do. Because of this, the stain gets loosened up, but the residue is not completely removed from the fibers itself. It’s best to still have your carpet cleaned by a professional on occasion.

Why Hire Professionals?

Having your floors sanitized by a professional on a regular basis helps even more than the look of your home; it…

Extend Carpet Life

The average carpet gets replaced every seven years. Over time, trapped contaminants deep within the fibers begin to break down the fibers. Much like sandpaper, when you walk on your rugs these contaminants rub against the fibers, leading to wear. Deep cleaning by a specialist helps to remove these contaminants, reducing wear and delaying replacement.

Ensure a Healthy Environment

Carpets trap allergens, bacteria, mold, fungi, dust mites, pet dander and other contaminants; regular cleaning service contributes to a healthier indoor environment for your family. If you have children, older adults or family with a compromised immune system, disinfected carpets might reduce their illnesses.

Eliminate Odors and Unsightly Spots

Vacuuming with your home machine will help maintain a hygienic home. However, sometimes you need help with a spot or two. Cleaning carpets is a lot like laundry; when marks appear on shirts it’s easier to remove them if you’re washing frequently. When you leave it for a long time,  you run the risk of it settling and staying on the fabric. Skilled technicians can treat unsightly stains with enzyme specific chemicals to remove or reduce their appearance

Expert carpet cleaning service can also help eliminate odors that are trapped in your home. Pet odors and stains often require special treatment and professionals have access to specific enzymes designed to remove, not cover up, the problem areas.

Keep Your Carpet Under Warranty

Not only will a pro cleaning keep your investment looking its best, but it can also ensure that your warranty stays valid for the life of the carpet. Manufacturers require routine professional cleanings at least every 11-18 months as a warranty condition. Check your warranty: most stain resistant warranties require regular hot water extraction. Also known as “steam cleaning,”  it is the preferred method since it removes deep down, embedded dirt.

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