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Why You Need A Professional To Treat Water Damage

flood damage hartford, flood damage restoration hartfordWater damage can occur in your home for a variety of reasons. Mother nature (otherwise known as natural disasters or even just heavy rain flow), broken pipes or water lines, a sewer backup, or even a simple accident can result in a disaster in your home. You may think you can fix the damage yourself with some towels and fans, but it’s always in your best interest to consult a professional.

Three Reasons You Need a Professional to Treat Water Damage

Water Spreads Quickly

Water constantly looks for any porous surface it can penetrate. Even if it appears you just have standing water in a room, it may have already started to soak up into the sheetrock in that room (or adjacent rooms) or soaked into the walls and the subfloor. It can quickly and easily affect several rooms and floors, making the damage too drastic to fix on your own. Professionals are trained to find even the slightest water damage and will make sure the damage is repaired in its entirety while preventing further damage.

Water Damage Can Go Undetected

Since water can quickly seep into the floors or walls, you may not even be able to tell which areas are affected. You may think that you have solved the problem when in reality, the damage has spread even further than you think. This can be extremely dangerous, especially because if you don’t know the water is there, it is being left to soak and create even more damage. Dampened walls, floors, and joists begin to seriously jeopardize the structure of your home. Rotten surfaces can also become a perfect breeding ground for mold or mildew, which creates an even bigger problem in and of itself. Once water starts to affect the hidden surfaces of your home, a major renovation will be needed. This can become very expensive and even force you from your home for an extended period of time.

You Don’t Have the Necessary Tools

The simplest reason for having a professional treat your home? They know how to detect, repair, and clean up water damage and have the proper resources and equipment to do so. Water damage restoration technicians are trained and certified experts. They have the necessary equipment to determine where your home is affected and will continue to measure it each day to make sure the appropriate progress is being made. Also, they know how to set up their equipment to adequately dry the room without compromising the air. Not to mention that they have repaired a home after water damage a time or two. They are properly trained and have the expertise to get your home back to normal correctly and completely.

The most important part – water damage needs to be treated quickly. The longer you wait, the more damage is bound to occur. A trained professional, such as PCS of Southern Connecticut can get it fixed as quickly and efficiently as possible and save you in the long run.

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