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Sewage Damage Warning Signs In Derby

You may have heard of sewage damage from a neighbor in the Derby community or unlucky relative, but may have never truly understood it. Sewage damage can happen for multiple reasons but is often a result unattended sewage backup. Many people fall victim to sewage damage because either they ignore the warning signs, or don’t know sewage cleanup derby ct, sewage cleanup derbyhow to recognize them.

Sewage damage occurs when sewage water overflows into your home through pipes or other means. Whether severe or mild, it is never a pleasant experience. Sewage damage is highly dangerous and can ruin flooring, furniture, appliances, clothing, and practically anything in its path. 

Sewage damage is a very serious, very horrific nightmare that can happen to anyone. Of all the types of water damage, sewage damage is easily one of the most dangerous, and should always be handled by a professional restoration service. 

The waste resulting from sewage backup often contains highly dangerous contaminants, viruses, bacterias,  and microorganisms that can inflict serious health issues upon all those around it. Anything the waste touches can also become contaminated, so it is important that as soon as you spot sewage damage to call someone to take care of it. 

In order to keep your home as safe as possible, there are a few ways to identify sewage damage before it grows into an unmanageable catastrophe that can contaminate your home and put you, your loved ones, and everything in your household at risk.


Check the drain in kitchen sinks, bathroom vanities, showers, bathtubs, and toilets. If multiple seem clogged at the same time, this is a sign of sewer backup.


Sewer backup will also manifest itself by causing spontaneous bubbling in sinks, tubs, toilets, etc.


Your toilet may seem to start acting up, whether it be clogged, draining or refilling strangely, making weird noises, or bubbling up. None of these are good signs and indicate sewer backup.


Have you ever gotten out of the bath, only to return a significant amount of time later only to find dirty water that still hasn’t drained? This is a sign of something in your pipes causing damage and should be addressed as early as possible.


If your sewage is seriously backed up, you will begin to smell a terrible stench from multiple points, including sinks, bath drains, and toilets.


If you notice waste seeming to pool or drain in your yard, chances are your septic tank is full or sewer clean-out is backed up. It is important to get this handled before it creates serious problems inside the house.


If you see waste beginning to come up from your pipes, it’s definitely time to call a professional before it overflows and destroys anything else.

If you notice any of these warning signs in your home, call a professional restoration service to manage it safely and quickly. If you live in the Derby Connecticut area, you can call PCS  at (203) 446-4563 or (203) 309-4409 for emergency service.

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