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Fire Damage Cleanup For “Minor” Damages

fire damage cleanup shelton, fire damage shelton, fire damage repair sheltonIf you have experienced fire damage in Shelton, you most likely want to get it cleaned up by a professional for obvious reasons. Fire leaves behind a lot of damage and can be a hard project to attempt to do it yourself. However, there are more reasons why you should have a professional handle your fire damage cleanup than just patching the damaged areas. Here are some damages from a fire that you may not have thought about. 


Have you ever been to a bonfire and your clothes smelled like smoke until you were able to wash them? Imagine if you had a bonfire in your house. All your upholstery, wall hangings, clothes, carpet, and even the paint on your walls would be permeated with that smoke smell. No one wants that. For one, if your house smells like that, you will probably end up smelling like that too. Another reason, if you want to sell your home in the future, smoke smell puts potential buyers off like crazy. 

Fire damage cleanup can be more extensive than just the area the fire was in. Smoke smell may not be too hard to get out of clothes; but upholstery, flooring, and walls can be a little more difficult to clean up. A professional company will help remove the smoke smell in addition to helping restore your home.

Acidic Ash

Did you know that ash is acidic? The pH of ash is not something most people consider. When ash, with its acidic qualities, gathers onto the surfaces in your home, it can destroy the outward appearance of appliances, furniture, and other furnishings. If this problem is not dealt with immediately, the damage will worsen resulting in more time and money to fix the problem.

Water Damage

Most people don’t realize there are many situations when water damage and fire damage go hand in hand. If you or the fire department took measures to extinguish a fire, some kind of liquid was probably used to put out the flames. This can present many problems, especially if your home’s furnishings are not sealed properly. If there has been any moisture in the home, it is important to get it cleaned out immediately. Luckily, fire damage restoration professionals have the right equipment to vacuum the moisture out and to patch holes in roofs and broken windows before more moisture can make its way into the house. 

Even a small fire can have some devastating results if you don’t get it cleaned up right away. If you have some damage, whether big or small, make sure you contact a professional at PCS of Southern Connecticut to handle your fire damage cleanup in Shelton. 

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