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Remove Pests While You Remove Dirt: Clean Carpets for Healthy Homes

Bugs can carry diseases, cause allergies and trigger asthma attacks. Carpeting itself does not attract insects. Soil, food, and organic matter within the carpet acts as a food source for these pests. By eliminating this food source, PCS/PRS Southern can control the pests and the danger to your family and your Oxford home.

Eliminate Carpet Beetles

Carpet beetles pests can cause a range of problems in natural materials like furs, flannels, woolens, and feathers. Overall, in most cases they are much more common and more damaging to fabrics than clothes moths. They are generally less damaging than many other pests since they reproduce slowly, about one generation per year. However, this makes them harder to diagnose.

Carpet beetles cause red bite-like welts on your skin. It’s not from bites– the long hairs on carpet beetle larvae penetrate into skin and trigger an allergic reaction. Professional steam cleaning will kill the pests plus the larvae in your carpet,  as well as remove the stinging hairs.

Sterilize Those Dust Mites  

Dust mites thrive in dirty carpets; a single ounce of dust can support up to 15,000 dust mites, and a single mated female dust mite can produce up to 100 eggs. These microscopic critters feed off of the dead skin that you and your family shed. As you walk across the carpet, these pollutants are kicked into the air and get inhaled.  

Dust mites particularly love pillows due to the increased moisture content from perspiration. So start there. Wash your bedding and pillows in hot, then dry at temperatures of 221 degrees Fahrenheit for at least about ten minutes.

The most thorough carpet cleaning method to help get rid of dust mites is the hot water extraction (steam cleaning) method, where the water temperature during cleaning using the most advanced equipment can reach 230°F or more. This removes both the dust mites and their food source.

Pets are Family, but Fleas Aren’t!

Even if your dog isn’t scratching, fleas may hitch a ride into your house from the yard on your own shoes and clothing. Since your carpet resembles fur to these little buggers, they take up residence there and begin to eat, defecate, reproduce, and bite your pets, your children, and your guests.

Females can lay 5,000 or more eggs during their short life spans. Once they become adults, they must find blood to reproduce. After they successfully bite their victim, they lay eggs on or near their host and start a difficult cycle to control.

Frequent vacuuming is essential for removing pests in carpet; this can remove 96 percent of adult fleas. In order to eradicate, you must have your carpets, upholstery and dog bed steam cleaned.

Control Mold, Bacteria & Viruses

Mold spores need humidity, oxygen, and a food source. Carpets foster the ideal conditions. Stains from beer, food, cola, ice cream and other stuff are not only unsightly, they also are a haven for germs if left untreated. Some viruses like Norovirus, which causes the stomach flu, can survive on uncleaned carpet for a month or more. A clean carpet is essential to a healthy home.

Professional Carpet Cleaning in Oxford  

Weekly vacuuming and regular carpet cleaning is essential for preventing pest infestations in your home. Professional Restoration Systems care about your carpet and the health of your family; they will immediately schedule a crew to come out to your location if you suspect a problem. Contact us to get your carpets clean and your home healthy again.

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