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Becoming A Water Damage Expert In Your Seymour CT Home

water damage seymour ct, water damage repair seymour ct, water damage restoration seymour ctWater damage is never something anyone wants to deal with hardly ever, especially during the holiday season! Many areas in the United States, especially Connecticut, experience an increase in precipitation when winter arrives. Water damage is sneaky, and oftentimes goes undiscovered until it has affected a good chunk of area. In the Seymour area there are professionals, like those at Professional Restoration Systems/Professional Carpet Systems, that are ready and waiting to do what they can to restore the water damaged area(s). 

Water Damage In Seymour CT

How can I prevent water damage?

The best water damage prevention technique is occasional, but consistent upkeep. This means it’s important to check up on things! 

Dishwasher-Keep an eye out for wet, soggy, or soft flooring, especially if it’s wood, around the dishwasher’s base.

Refrigerator-If your refrigerator is connected to water in the back (generally if your refrigerator has a functioning ice maker), be sure to check the little hose and around the back of the refrigerator for any signs of leakage. 

Washing machine-Just like the refrigerator, occasionally check to see if the hoses are connected properly, as well as check for signs of leakage. 

Pipes-LISTEN UP! This is a huge cause of water damage especially in the winter months. When water freezes, it expands. When water begins freezing and expanding in pipes, the pipes run out of room for the water expansion to occur, and burst. A burst pipe cuts off the clean, smooth path for the water, and allows it to break free and run where it pleases. Turn the water off when leaving for vacation or other extended lengths of time. When those freezing temperatures hit, turn off all outside water sources, and unscrew garden hoses. 

Gutters-What happens when water is blocked? It rises and floods. Keep gutter systems cleaned out to prevent standing water on the roof’s edge. Standing water, especially on natural materials, has the tendency to soften and decay the material it surrounds. It is recommended that gutters be thoroughly cleaned out at LEAST twice a year. 

Loose shinglesWhen shingles become loose, or fly off, they expose the roof. More often than not, the roof is made of wood. Water and wood do not mix well! The exposed portions of the roof will be susceptible to water damage due to their sponge-like effect. The water will decay the wood. If not caught soon enough, decayed wood will allow water to enter into the home, which will just cause more trouble. Examine your roof often. Repair and patch any damaged areas upon discovery to prevent a water damage disaster. 

Natural disastersThere is no way to prevent a natural disaster, however if one occurs, there are professionals in the Seymour area, like those at Professional Restoration Systems/Professional Carpet Systems, who are ready to begin cleanup.

It is very important to not tackle a water damage restoration project on your own. It’s not as simple as mopping up the mess with a few old towels. Professionals have the correct drying and water mitigation tools and techniques to take care of the damage quickly, and thoroughly, allowing you to get back into the frenzy of the holiday festivities!

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