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Germs in Your Upholstery, And In Your Home

upholstery cleaning trumbull, upholstery cleaning services trumbull, professional upholstery cleaning trumbullThis year, keeping your home clean is more important than ever. We hear the top tips every day: Wash your hands often with sanitizing soap & warm water. In the home, disinfect solid surfaces that you use a lot in your daily routine around your house. Vacuum and mop often. 

As far as upholstered items, you can vacuum and clean with household products. But for maximum cleanliness, contact the upholstery cleaning experts at PCS to schedule professional cleaning on carpets, rugs, or upholstery items.

Upholstery Cleaning In Trumbull


The National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) found that areas where food is stored or prepared had more bacteria and fecal contamination than other places in the home. More than 75 percent of dish sponges and rags had Salmonella, E. coli, and fecal matter. Other kitchen items that need frequent cleaning are:

  • cutting boards
  • coffee maker
  • refrigerator, especially areas in contact with uncooked and unwashed food
  • kitchen sink and countertops
  • refrigerator handles
  • stove knobs
  • microwave handles
  • trash cans
  • dishwasher

Personal Items

You unknowingly bring in germs from the outside to your house each day through your shoes, purse, keys, telephone, gym bag, and even reusable water bottles.. Of the 22 homes surveyed, the NSF found fecal contamination, yeast, and mold present on these items. Most disinfecting wipes are safe for cell phones, but if you want to be extra safe, you can find electronic-specific cleaning supplies at stores.

Your Keyboard

A 2008 U.K. study found that your keyboard is dirtier than a toilet seat — seriously! Your keyboard gets dirty for lots of reasons: not washing your hands often enough, eating and drinking near the computer, letting more than one person (especially small children) use the same computer and more. So every two or three months, give your keyboard a good cleaning by spraying between the keys with compressed air and lightly cleaning the keys and surrounding areas with an alcohol-soaked cotton swab.  

Washer And Dryer

Although these cleaning appliances are essential for a healthy home, they can also harbor germs. Your washer will stay mostly clean if you do a load of whites in hot water with bleach once a week, but you can still clean it once a month by running an empty load with hot water and bleach. Clean your dryer lint filter after each load, and scrub out the inside using a microfiber cloth dampened with vinegar. 


Due to the coronavirus outbreak worldwide, individuals are staying inside more than ever before; but germs can be everywhere. With all the time being at home, individuals are spending more time trying to pass their quarantine hours cleaning. 

Many products at the grocery store can clean upholstery items such as leather cleaner, stain removers, foaming fabric spray, etc. However, there are also many at-home remedies you can do to save a few dollars. When it comes to leather upholstered items, make sure you are vacuuming all the crevices and dust off the piece with a soft, dampened cloth with water and dish soap. Some store-bought cleaners might damper the color or quality of the respected upholstered item. 

Proper professional upholstery or carpet cleaners can definitely help with making sure your furniture pieces are cleaned to stop the spread of viruses and germs. The upholstery cleaning technicians will ease your mind from coronavirus concerns.

Check for Mold 

Mold can form in any room of your home and upholstered pieces are suspect since fabric harbors mold spores. If your couch or curtains get wet, you may notice a musty smell. Use a dehumidifier to keep moisture levels low in your home. Ensure that fabric couches and curtains stay clean and dry. Have your home cleaned by a PCS upholstery cleaning professional to keep your family healthy.

Healthy Home Upholstery Cleaning Trumbull

Professional Restoration Systems cares about your home and the health of your family. You can expect a clean-cut and uniformed upholstery cleaning specialist coming to your door. He/she will walk you through the damaged areas and let you know our first stage of attack. We will proceed with restoring your home to pre-loss condition, including detecting any structural damage and eliminating mold or other pathogens that can hide in unseen places.

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