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Can Hard Water Cause Water Damage?

water damage seymour ct, water damage restoration seymour ct, water damage repair seymour ct, water damage cleanup seymour ctMost Connecticut cities receive their water from surrounding lakes and rivers. A majority of Connecticut’s rural areas obtain their drinking water from wells. Either way, Connecticut’s water is hard, based on the USGS Measures of Water Hardness.

Hard water presents numerous mechanical and aesthetic problems in homes, but it is not considered a health hazard to humans. Minerals such as iron, calcium and magnesium can leave stains, create an odor, and degrade your pipes. With water hardness levels this high, boilers, hot water heaters and plumbing equipment can deteriorate, accumulate build up, and experience loss of water pressure.

Water Damage In Seymour CT

The buildup on tubs, showers, sinks, and faucets caused by hard water are only the visible part of the problem. The minerals in hard water also start to build up inside pipes, fixtures, and appliances over time. Over time, this accumulation builds up until it actually narrows the opening of the pipes and reduces the amount of water that can move through the pipes. 

Mineral deposits from hard water, also known as scale deposits, are often responsible for clogging pipes. When hard water is heated, a certain amount of water evaporates, causing the minerals suspended in it to precipitate. This solidified scale (or lime scale) can then accumulate. As scale builds, it gradually restricts water flow and decreases the efficiency of multiple systems: your pipes, water heater, washing machine and dishwasher.  

The mineral deposits can also cause appliances to operate less efficiently and wear down faster. For example, a water heater has to heat all of the mineral scale buildup inside the tank, as well as the water. Overall, hard water can result in less efficient plumbing and more repairs over time.

Certain plumbing materials are more susceptible to hard water clogging than others. This problem is most pronounced in steel pipes. While copper, PVC and PEX pipes are more resistant to hard water buildup and corrosion, eventually they can still get clogged or completely blocked by scale deposits. 

Homes Harmed By Hard Water

At some point, these pipe restrictions and mineral build up will cause leaks or broken faucets. Whether the water release is a slow drip or a complete indoor flood, you need a professional team to assess and clean up the resulting water damage. The water damage experts at Professional Restoration Systems will also keep an eye on any areas that have potential to mold.

Professional Water Damage Cleanup in Seymour 

The water damage experts at Professional Restoration Systems care about your home and the health of your family. You can expect a clean-cut and uniformed restoration specialist at your door, ready to walk you through the damaged areas. A plan will be formulated to remove all traces of waste, repair all damaged materials, and to keep you safe.

The team will proceed to restore your home to pre-loss condition, including detecting any structural damage and eliminating mold or other pathogens that can hide in unseen places. Call our water damage experts or visit our website to get your carpets clean and your home healthy again. 

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