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Master Tips On Upholstery Cleaning From The Trumbull Cleaning Experts

trumbull upholstery cleanersWhen it comes time to buy a new upholstered sofa for your Trumbull home, the options seem endless. Brown leather furniture makes a huge statement, and is very popular. Leather choices can be a bit confusing though, as there are a surprising number of types to choose from. The upholstery cleaning experts at Professional Carpet Systems are going to help you understand the difference between real and faux leather upholstered furniture and what you should keep in mind when it comes to keeping furniture clean. Hopefully that will help you decide on what piece will be more suited for your home.

Upholstery Cleaning In Trumbull

Real animal leather provides a beautiful covering for all types of furniture pieces, especially sofas. Full-grain leather is the best the furniture industry has to offer. This high quality product is sought out for its durability and natural finish. However, this type of leather also comes at a larger price point. So, as an alternative, manufacturers have developed a bonded/genuine leather product that utilizes leftover leather materials that have been trimmed and cut down and then bonded together to make a leather material.

This type of leather costs less than full-grain leather. Bonded leather does tend to break down over time, resulting in flaking and peeling around edges of furniture pieces. When it comes time to decide between full-grain leather or bonded genuine leather, it is important to take into consideration the lifespan, durability, and upkeep.

Both full-grain and bonded leather will last longer when properly cleaned and maintained. While real leather is more durable, it is also higher maintenance. Leather oil must be used to treat and protect the upholstery, and should not be cleaned on your own. Stains and spills require specific cleaning techniques and products to ensure no further damage is done to the material. While it is definitely challenging to keep clean, regular scheduled cleaning by trained technicians is the best way to keep this type of upholstery in its best condition.

Faux leather is less sensitive to chemicals and cleans much easier than real leather products which means less maintenance. That being said, this type of upholstery also does not last as long so if proper cleaning techniques are not used, splitting, peeling and cracking can actually occur sooner than anticipated. The best way to extend the longevity of faux leather is to schedule routine upholstery cleaning by trained technicians who know how to safely treat and care for your piece.

Whether real full-grain animal leather or faux bonded genuine leather is right for you, the one thing you can do to make sure both types of upholstery last as long as possible is to let Professional Carpet Systems take care of your upholstery cleaning. Our upholstery cleaning experts will help you maintain a cleanliness in your furniture that will not only have it looking its best, but also feeling its best.

We are able to safely remove dust, dirt, sweat and oils that build up on your furniture pieces over time, and our deep cleaning also removes stains, odors, allergens, and other contaminants. When you decide on a leather sofa for your home, real or faux, you can rest assured that Professional Carpet Systems in Trumbull will perform quality upholstery cleaning to keep your furniture in its best condition. 

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