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Winter Water Damage Prevention In Trumbull

Water damage is a serious concern during any time of the year. However, the threat of water damage is amplified during the freezing winter months, especially in Trumbull, CT. From our water damage restoration experts at Professional Restoration Systems of Connecticut here are simple things you can do to keep water damage at bay during the winter months. 

Inspect Your Water Supply Lines

Give your house an annual leak checkup to inspect water supply lines and washing machine hoses for signs of wear. Check for leaks from your hot water heater, washing machine, ice machine in your refrigerator, and any other appliances that can leak. Most water supply lines tend to last for about five years; you may want to replace rubber hoses with steel-braided hoses, which tend to last longer. Doing this is especially important in the winter since they will be more likely to be damaged by ice.

water damage pipe in trumbullClean Out Your Rain Gutters

You should regularly remove leaves and other debris from your rain gutters. Failing to do this will allow rainwater (or snow after it melts) to pool up within your gutters, spill over the top, and settle around the foundation of your home. Also, take care to inspect your roof often and repair any missing or damaged shingles since these can allow water to come through the roof. 

Make Sure Your Downspouts Are Diverted Away From Your Home

The downspouts to your rain gutters are an easily overlooked element of preventing water damage in the winter and throughout all times of the year. A general rule of thumb is that your downspouts should end at least 5-10 feet away from your home and point directly away from it. Failing to do this is problematic because it will allow water to runoff toward your home instead of away from it.

Drain Your Swamp Cooler

Not everyone has a swamp cooler but if you do you need to drain it before the temperatures drop below freezing. Otherwise, the water may freeze within your swam cooler potentially causing damage and damaging your swamp cooler.

Insulate Your Pipes From The Freezing Temperatures

Frozen pipes are the most serious water damage hazard posed during the winter months. With the large amounts of water that run through your pipes, even a tiny crack can lead to major water damage and expensive repair costs. Fortunately, there are a few simple things you can do to prevent this from happening. First, drip water from your faucets at night to keep water moving through your pipes and therefore preventing freezing. Second, open indoor cabinets that contain exposed pipes to circulate warm air around them. Finally, consider installing insulation around your pipes to keep them warm as well.

While the initial thought of winterizing your home against water damage may seem overwhelming, implementing the steps above is actually quite simple. Nonetheless, for any questions you have or for help with a water damage restoration job give us a call at Professional Restoration Systems of Connecticut. 

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