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Water Damage Restoration – Early Signs of Water Damage

Seymour Water Damage CleanupWater damage repair is the most popular kind of immediate restoration service. When you deal with flood or water disasters in your Seymour home, quick action is crucial for a successful repair. Therefore, it is vital to identify the issues as quickly as possible. Early warnings of water damage are sometimes neglected, but if you know the signs to look out for, you could improve your chances of discovering water or flood damage before it becomes a serious problem. At Professional Restoration Systems, we have encountered common early signs of water damage in households in Seymour.

1. Dark Or Wet Spots

Discoloration and staining on your ceilings and walls are major indications of water damage. They are obvious signs that there could be water where it should not be. These patches can vary in shape, size, and shade of color. These discoloration spots can sometimes appear darker, like when it is raining. If you see any dark or wet patches, have them inspected for water damage as fast as possible.

2. Peeling Or Bubbling Paint

Because most of our homes’ plumbing is concealed behind walls, leaks frequently occur in those walls. Painting or wallpapers that are flaking or peeling is a clear sign of water leakage behind walls. As moisture collects behind the walls, it seeps through, causing the paint to peel and bubble. It is critical to recognize these signals early on so that you can avoid water damage before it causes more serious damage to the wall, such as cracking or bowing.

3. Musty Odors

A sudden appearance of a wet, musty, or moldy odor is usually an indication of water damage. These pungent odors will often be more widespread in a specific region, and cannot go away on their own. These odors are often strong in attics, laundry rooms, and crawl spaces. It is important to recognize the new smell because they can be telltale signs that there is water damage in your house.

4. Mold Growth

Water damage usually results in pools of water in dark and isolated regions. Unfortunately, this is a great setting for mold and mildew to grow and thrive. Mold infestations might continue even after a leak or flood has been stopped. These prevalent bacteria pose two different risks to your house. Mold, for starters, reduces the nutrients in building elements and degrades the structural supports. Second, exposure to mold spores can be extremely harmful to your health. To avoid mold formation, repair the damage quickly.

Seymour Water Damage Cleanup

When you find standing water in your house, we know how stressful it may be. Your initial reaction may be to clean it up yourself, but this will just delay the repair process and end up costing you extra money over time. Professional Restoration Systems of Connecticut has teams ready to assist you with any needs you may have during this incredibly difficult time. For water damage cleanup in Seymour, give us a call right away.

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