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Ways to Protect Your Basement from Flood Damage and Restoration

water damage repair trumbullIn many buildings, basements are the primary foundation. The main drawback of basements is also that they flood more frequently than any other room in the house. This is because they are the lowest area of the house. According to insurance sector claims, 97 percent of basements could sustain some form of water damage. However, you can help in preventing water and flood damage inside your basement. Here are some tips from Professional Restoration Systems on the best ways to protect your basement from flood damage.

Water Damage Repair in Trumbull

Examine Your Lawn and Landscaping

If your lawn slopes toward your house rather than away from it, your basement will flood. Water always takes the pathway of least resistance, and whenever it starts raining, all this water needs somewhere to go. Water could seep into your household if your foundation has leaks or fractures. Water would be pushed into the basement if the surface around the foundation becomes overly saturated. If you notice that the grade of your lawn slopes toward your house, consider shifting your landscaping to trail away from your house.

Maintain Clean Rain Gutters

Leaves, dirt, sticks, and a lot of other debris often find their way into your gutter system. If not cleaned out regularly, this can lead to clogging. Water would then overflow, flow down your structure, accumulate at the foundation, and eventually flood into the basement. When gutters do not drain properly, they are unable to steer water away from the property. To avoid blockage or clogging in your gutters, always clean them out twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall.

Check That Your Downspouts Are Diverting Water Away from Your House

Many downspouts are directly connected to the footer and sometimes end directly just above the surface around your foundation. If this is the problem, lengthen your downspouts such that water is guided much farther away from the perimeter of your house. You should always direct rainwater toward yard regions which are graded away from the property just so water doesn’t start flowing back toward your base.

Install A Sump Pump as Well as A Backup System

Install a sump pump if your house basement does not already have one. You can prevent rainwater from flooding your basement by setting up a sump pump. Sump pumps function similarly to floor drains in that they remove any water from your basement and any other surrounding foundation and divert it away from the building. It is also a smart decision to have a backup sump pump which is either battery-powered or powered by a generator in case the first one fails.

Call Professional Water Damage Repair in Trumbull

Even if you take every preventative measure available, flood damage could still occur in your house. Contact Professional Restoration Systems straight away whenever you need water damage repair in Trumbull. We always work closely with your insurance provider and handle all of the paperwork required to expedite your claim.

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