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Spring Cleaning To Prevent Water Damage

seymour water damage cleanupSeymour Water Damage Cleanup

With the warmer temperatures April brings here in Seymour, it is a popular time to begin working on those spring cleaning items around our homes. Before you begin your spring cleaning checklist, we have a few suggestions of spring cleaning tasks you should add that can also help to prevent water damage in your home:

  1. Clean And Inspect Gutters: clogged gutters can cause water to overflow and seep into your home’s foundation, leading to water damage, Make sure to clean and inspect your gutters regularly, especially after those spring rain showers.
  2. Clean Off The Roof And Inspect For Damage: The roof is your home’s first line of defense against water damage. Keeping it clean and free from excess debris will help extend your roof’s lifespan. While cleaning off excess buildup on your roof, you should inspect it for any signs of damage or wear and tear, such as missing or broken shingles. Be sure to make any necessary repairs to your roof right away, especially before it rains and allows water damage to enter your home.
  3. Check For Leaks: As you are cleaning cabinets under sinks, look for any signs of leaking water, like water stains, puddles of water, moldy smells, or damp objects housed in the cabinets. It is also good practice to inspect all plumbing fixtures, such as faucets, toilets, and other visible pipes, for any signs of leaks as well, and be sure to fix any leaks you may find before they result in significant water damage cleanup.
  4. Clean And Inspect The Sump Pump: If you have a sump pump in your basement, make sure to clean it out and inspect it regularly to ensure it is working properly. You can test your sump pump by pouring water into the pump pit and watching it to make sure it removes the water properly.
  5. Inspect Your Foundation: While cleaning out flower beds or grassy areas next to the home, be sure to take some time to inspect your foundation. Check the foundation for any cracks or signs of water damage. If you notice any issues, make repairs as soon as possible to prevent further risk of seepage or other forms of water damage.
  6. Check Window And Door Seals: When cleaning windows and wiping down doors, check the seals around them to ensure they are tight and not allowing air or water to seep in. Replace any worn or damaged seals to prevent water damage and to help your home be more efficient at keeping a comfortable temperature inside.
  7. Check Appliances: Check all the appliances in your home that use water, including the washing machine, water heater, dishwasher, and refrigerator. Look for signs of leaks, pools of water, or any other indicators of damage. Repair or replace any old or faulty water supply hoses to prevent water damage cleanup from a malfunctioning appliance.
  8. Clean And Inspect HVAC Unit: Make sure to clean and inspect your air conditioning unit regularly. Schedule routine service and maintenance by a trained professional according to the manufacturer’s guidelines to keep your air conditioning unit functioning properly. Be sure to replace any worn or damaged parts, such as hoses or filters, to prevent needing water damage cleanup.

We all have spring cleaning tasks we want to get done, and adding these simple steps can make all the difference in preventing you from needing water damage cleanup as well as regular spring cleaning. For more information on water damage cleanup or to get help with water damage in your Seymour home, call us at PCS/PRS Southern.

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