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Carpet Cleaning Seymour CT

A Flu Shot For Your Home

fire damage cleanup seymour

Smoke And Soot Inhalation And Your Health

Fires are a common hazard for homeowners. Even after all their best efforts to prevent them, fires and fire damage does unfortunately still occur. Even worse than a fire on its own is the possibility that you can be caught in your home when a fire starts putting you and your family in grave danger. […]

sprinkler system

Faulty Sprinklers in Seymour CT

Your grass is green and growing fast and your lawn is looking great! The sprinkler system seems to be working great, or is it? You may not know it, but your sprinkler system is just like any other well-oiled machine that needs regular maintenance. Even sprinkler systems with cracks, leaks, and clogs can still keep […]

Commercial Water Damage in Hartford, Connecticut

Commercial water damage can be devastating to a business owner or commercial property owner. Professional Carpet Systems in Connecticut helps reduce property damage and profit loss for commercial properties in Hartford, Connecticut. Prevent large-scale commercial water damage Being prepared and knowing where emergency shut-off valves are located can help prevent a flood emergency, but sometimes […]

Tips to Help Recognize Mold

There are different types of mold that come from different sources and whether the mold’s food source is that little surface of soap scum in the shower, or the drywall or even the window seals of your home, mold contributes to millions of dollars of property damage and affects thousands of families every year. Mold can […]

Professional Carpet Cleaning in Hartford

 Keep Your Carpet Clean Longer After Professional Carpet Cleaning Once you have your carpets professionally cleaned it is so nice to take a few moments and just breathe it in and enjoy your fresh, clean home or office. Almost without fail, the next thought is “I wish this clean carpet look and smell could stay […]

Water Damage Frozen Pipes

How To Avoid Water Damage Frozen Pipes Winter has now rolled in and cold temperatures are biting down.  As a home and property owner you need to think about how to avoid water damage frozen pipes.  Some things to keep in mind include: Draining outdoor plumbing systems that are not needed including garden hoses, fountain pipes, […]

Carpet Cleaning Tips | Professional Carpet Systems Connecticut

Carpet Cleaning Tips | Professional Carpet Systems Holiday Spill Tips If you’re lucky enough to be the one throwing a party this holiday season then I’m sure that one of your biggest worries is that one friend you invited who often has a little spill after she’s had a few too many eggnogs. Spills on […]

Cleaning Carpet in Hartford

At Professional Carpet Systems – The Little Things Make A BIG Difference! When it comes to carpet cleaning Hartford, we know a little somethin’ about taking care of our customers and their homes.  Any monkey can buy a carpet cleaning van and learn how to “hook it all up” in an attempt to sell carpet […]

Professional Carpet Cleaning Hartford Ct

There are a lot of notions about what professional carpet cleaning really means and they are often as far reaching as we are to the moon. Some believing that a quick trip to the local big box store to rent a “do it yourselfer” machine will do the trick while others feel that only the […]

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