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About PRS of Connecticut

Welcome to Professional Restoration Systems of Connecticut!

We are a 2nd generation family-owned and operated company. Our company is founded on the principal of the Temperature Focused Drying System™. With this system we apply heat directly to the wet areas only. This system allows us to rapidly dry your water damaged structure and save more walls and flooring which will decrease drying and reconstruction costs and the inconvenience to the homeowner.

We are the first registered company in the State of Connecticut to feature the TES™ thermal energy system. We can restore your structure in record breaking time usually with reduced reconstruction costs. We can handle any size job and have certified Restoration Specialists on staff to handle your every need.

Currently, our staff holds certifications from the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification, the Vortex Drying School, and Reets Drying Academy. We are focused on education and regularly attending training and refresher courses to keep our staff on top of all of the latest drying techniques.

Our mission at Professional Restoration Systems of Connecticut is to provide our clients with a rapid and well-organized response to their emergency situation. We will accomplish this by always maintaining the highest level of professionalism, integrity and honesty with our professional associates and those that we serve.

Why Should I Choose Professional Restoration Systems?

Our mission at Professional Restoration Systems is to provide you and your insured with the most outstanding service experience possible. There are five reasons that our clients use our services over and over again:

Reputation & Experience: Our reputation is second to none. We have tirelessly worked for years to create an absolutely stellar reputation for our company. The most important aspect of our business is to always ensure that we leave a job with a completely thrilled client. Professional Restoration Systems has over 20 years of industry experience. We are well versed in drying methods and principals and are always looking to gain additional knowledge from educational classes and industry literature.

Education & Certification: Professional Restoration Systems is certified by the IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) – the world’s most recognized body of certification for the restoration and cleaning industry. Never use a company that is not certified by the IICRC. Our owners and staff also hold multiple certifications from other drying schools included Vortex Drying Systems and Reets Drying Academy. We are also very involved in our associations and we are continually involved in cutting edge training. We bring all of this information directly to your jobsite.

Systems: Professional Restoration Systems operates the most advanced drying systems on the planet. We offer both traditional drying systems and a Temperature Focused Drying System™. Our Temperature Focused Drying System™, or TFDS™, uses specifically applied heat to dry the structure. This drying system is faster than traditional drying systems because we focus heating & drying only wet areas and do not attempt to dry the dry areas. This allows us to Carefully Restore Water Damaged Structures Faster Than Anyone.

Above & Beyond Service™: We are committed to showing up on time, and to stay in constant communication with you and your insured throughout the progress of the loss. We do things that other restoration companies will not to ensure that you and your insured are completely satisfied. In fact, we want to make certain that you both experience the absolute best service experience so we will strive to meet your every expectation and then when we have done that we will then go the extra mile to provide you and your insured with an extraordinary service experience. Let’s face it! Your clients are going through one of the most stressful experiences possible and just want good, knowledgeable people to help put their life back together. Professional Restoration Systems can help you make that happen.

Guarantee: Last, but not least, our Sudden Service™ Guarantee. With our Sudden Service™ Guarantee you are guaranteed a prompt response and to be kept well informed throughout the restoration process.

What Should You Expect When Professional Restoration Systems Arrives At Your Home?

The very first thing that you should expect is that you will have a clean-cut and uniformed Restoration Specialist coming to your door. He/she will walk you through the damaged areas and let you know our first stage of attack. Our Restoration Specialist will then begin the water extraction process, to remove water. Water extraction is a crucial part of the pre-drying process, the more water that is removed in the beginning the faster we will be able to get your home dry again. Once the water has been extracted we will then setup drying equipment to evaporate the remaining moisture in your floors, walls and ceilings. We will monitor the drying equipment to ensure that it is operating at it fullest potential.

You can also expect during the initial stages of work that we will have a packet of information that we will need to go over with you, the homeowner. There will be various forms that we will need to complete together and informational materials that we will provide you with so you have a full understanding of what is going on with the drying process.

Throughout your drying process we will be documenting your home and the damage caused by the water loss. It is very important to thoroughly document your entire home so our Restoration Specialist may ask to see areas of your home that were not directly affected by the water loss to ensure that secondary damage has not occurred. This is completely for your protection. We want to make sure that when we leave – your home is totally dry. And when we are done with the work you will get a full copy of the report for your records.

Expect to be thoroughly satisfied at the conclusion of your loss. If at anytime during the process you are finding that you are not completely satisfied or you have some burning questions please do not ever hesitate to contact one of our owners. Amy Bloxam-Prihoda can be reached directly at (203) 410-1294 and Curtis Bloxam can be reached directly at (203) 410-5444. Our number one goal is to have you, our client, absolutely thrilled with the work that our company performs.

Professional Restoration Systems of Southern Connecticut is located at 12 New Haven Ave in Derby, Ct 06418.

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