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Advanced Technology – Advanced Systems – Advanced Protection – Disinfection & Protection for COVID-19

The COVID-19 Pandemic has changed the shape of how we all operate our facilities and interact with the public. It is unclear as to how current events will shape our cleaning and maintenance protocols in the future, however, it is obvious that at this time sanitization of business, municipal, medical, and educational facilities is a primary initiative.

The old ways of improving environmental hygiene by increasing the potency of the products being used or increasing the frequency of use provides little gain in regard to the hygiene of the indoor environment. Both of these methods come with increased toxicity, cost and labor issues while delivering marginal and intermittent impact. These protocols that have implemented in many facilities, and thought to be effective, create a “disinfection rollercoaster” and a toxic indoor environment.

Is Your Facility Riding the Disinfection Roller Coaster?

The “disinfection roller coaster” refers to the timeframe between the applications of disinfectant to surfaces within the facility. At the time the disinfectant is applied the microbes on the surface have been “cleaned” away. However, once that disinfectant dries, typically within 10 minutes, the microbial recontamination cycle begins again. In essence, with typical disinfection protocols there are constant highs and lows of microbial contamination on surfaces, the is the Pre-Coronavirus way of doing things.

Effectively Derailing the Disinfection Roller Coaster

In reality, the number one goal of any environmental hygiene program should be to safely interrupt the cycle of infection. The only way to truly do this is to increase the time intervals where surfaces are efficiently protected from recontamination of viruses, germs, and bacteria. This can only be achieved by applying a nanomolecular antimicrobial protective barrier to surfaces. Without a protective barrier, environmental hygiene professionals can continually apply disinfectants but still have chronic issues with germ, virus, and bacteria transmission.

The cleaning experts at Professional Restorations Systems are combating COVID-19 with our proprietary Just Gone™ Sanitization System with Zoono® Microbe Shield Protectant. This system harnesses the power of the EPA Registered Non-Toxic, Pet & Child Friendly stabilized chlorine dioxide known as Just Gone™. Combined with the protective properties of Zoono® Microbe Shield Protectant we are able to effectively help to maintain a more germ-free environment for up to 30 days.

This means that your facility can be treated with a EPA Registered Non-Toxic disinfectant and protected with a nanomolecular antimicrobial surface protectant without worrying about surfaces being safe to touch, reactions by employees with chemical sensitivities, or repeatedly polluting the indoor environment with harsh chemicals. Additionally, due to the way that these products combat germs, viruses, and bacteria by puncturing the microbes they encounter, there is no possibility for the microbes to mutate or build up an immunity to create a superbug.

The disinfectant used by Professional Restoration Systems is EPA Registered Non-Toxic, Pet & Child Friendly. It is also made of the same product used in purification of drinking water.

Save Time, Save Money

The business world as we all know it has changed, possibly forever, due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Sharp managers have realized that focusing on the out-of-pocket expenses resulting from taking an extra step to protect the health and productivity of the workforce is no longer the primary driving factor. They have now realized that looking at the requirement of their workforce to complete time exhaustive cleaning protocols, along with the human and health costs associated with not having appropriate protective protocols in place is the primary focus and paramount to continuity.

Disinfection and Protection treatments provided by Professional Restoration Systems can be used to proactively treat facilities to help combat the potential risk of bacterial, viral, and germicidal growth. Our complete sanitization system is also effective for the treatment of facilities that have been occupied by individuals that have suspected or confirmed to have COVID-19. Our complete sanitization system will effectively treat with non-toxic, child and pet safe methods for up to 30 days.

COVID-19 Disinfection & Protection

Return your workspaces knowing that your facility was deep cleaned, disinfected and protected with advanced technology up to the CDC, EPA and OSHA standards.

Our technicians are certified to deep clean, apply disinfectants to all surfaces designed for COVID-19 in any type of facility.

We have cleaned, disinfected and protected homes, schools, offices, warehouses, and public transportation vehicles.

Our process is proven to remove viruses, germs, bacteria, allergens and mold using the same process used to purify your drinking water. Meaning our processes are non-toxic, pet and child friendly. Our process does not allow viruses, germs, and bacteria to mutate and become superbugs.

Some of the bad stuff that our process is effective on are:

Viruses: Coronavirus, Ebola, Hepatitis A B and C

Bacteria & Parasites: C Diff, MRSA, E.Coli, Legionella, Bacallius, Pheumophilia, Steptococcus, Facalis

Our Microbe Shield Protectant will provide your indoor environment with up to 30 days of protection on high touch surfaces. The Microbe Shield Protectant is a nanomolecular, invisible, and hostile barrier that acts like a bed of nails combating germs, bacteria, viruses, mold and allergens that come in contact with the surface.

Advanced Technology that provides Non-Toxic, Child and Pet Friendly Disinfection & Protection

COVID-19 Cleaning, Disinfection & Protection Service

Level 1

Precautionary Deep Cleaning

No known case of COVID-19

  • Maintain safety and clean environment
  • Touch point and high traffic area cleaning
  • Application of products on EPA List N
  • Application of Microbe Shield Protectant for up to 30-days of protection

Level 2

Potential COVID-19 Cleaning

Potential case of COVID-19

  • CDC recommended cleaning
  • Full deep cleaning
  • High levels of PPE required
  • Application of Microbe Shield Protectant for up to 30-days of protection

Level 3

Confirmed COVID-19 Cleaning

Tested positive for COVID-19

  • Complete cleaning and disinfection
  • Level 3 cleaning protocol
  • Max level of PPE required
  • Application of Microbe Shield Protectant for up to 30-days of protection

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