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Odor Removal

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Why not have your whole house smell fresh and odor free? Our general purpose odor deodorizer is made to remove those odors that build up deep within our carpets, making them smell spring fresh again! We offer cherry, orange, and lemon scents, and there is no additional charge for these general purpose deodorizers.

Carpet deodorizers target the source of the odors and neutralize the cause, leaving only a fresh, clean scent. Carpet odors can be caused by pets, spills, flooding, tobacco use and a number of other reasons. Regardless of the cause of the odor, Professional Carpet Systems can help.

Just Gone Sanitizing & Deodorizing System™

The Just Gone Sanitizing & Deodorizing System™ safely and effectively sanitizes and deodorizes areas without the use of toxic chemicals or manual wiping and scrubbing of surfaces. This technologically advanced system requires just a fraction of the time needed by other sanitation systems, and can sanitize against a multitude of germs, allergens, odors and indoor contaminants in all areas. It can effectively reduce odors and bacteria in athletic facilities, healthcare facilities, vehicles, residential properties and commercial properties. To learn more, visit our Just Gone Sanitizing & Deodorizing System™ website.

Automobiles Odor Removal

Smoke, mildew, food, and body odors are all common in vehicles, and without the right know-how removing these odors can be difficult. At PCS, we offer Just Gone™ odor elimination services to completely remove odors from vehicles in as little as one hour. Our system is effective and guaranteed to eliminate odors in autos, RV’s, and boats.

Fitness Facilities Odor Removal

Fitness facilities face odor problems resulting from a multitude of bacteria that is hiding on fitness equipment, in locker rooms, on walls and floors, in showers or steam rooms, and just about everywhere else inside the facility. Effectively eliminating odors in a fitness facility can be a difficult task, but at PCS we use Just Gone™ odor elimination to sanitize and deodorize affected areas quickly.

Pet Odor Removal

A large concern for pet owners is that the odor from their pets tends to linger in their homes, even after a professional carpet cleaning. General all-purpose deodorizers do not target pet odors, which require a specialized formula to neutralize pet urine odors. All pets occasionally have accidents, and when these problems are not addressed quickly, unpleasant odors can become trapped in the carpeting, causing a real odor problem for homeowners that is not easily removed. That’s when you need an odor removal expert.

Professional Carpet Systems has the know-how and professional products to remove complex odor problems at their source. We offer services anywhere from a small dog, top of the carpet accident to a complete bring the carpet up, remove pad, seal the sub-floor, replace tack-strip, install new pad, clean front, back and middle of carpet, and reinstalling of the carpet.

Guaranteed Odor Removal

Odors in the home can come from a number of sources including pet urine, body oils from pets or human feet, and cooking oils that get trapped in the carpet. Each of these odors may require additional deodorizing to eliminate the odors, but as long as there is no continuing contamination from a source (pet or other source) we can guarantee permanent removal.

This may require several steps to attain but it usually is worth the investment, given the alternative of complete carpet replacement. By the way, if the substrate is not properly treated even complete replacement may not remove the odors. The next time you need help in this area call the professionals… Professional Carpet Systems.

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