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Upholstery Cleaning

Keep Your Furniture Fresh & Clean With Connecticut's Upholstery Cleaning Specialists

Your upholstered furniture sees a lot of use, but you might not notice soils accumulating over time. Suddenly, you’re furniture looks dirty and smells bad. But it doesn’t have to stay that way! Trust your local upholstery cleaning experts to clean and restore your upholstered furniture.

Certified Professionals

We hold many certifications including Master Textile Cleaner, which is the highest status available for cleaners.

First Class Service

We are committed to showing up on time, and to stay in constant communication with you throughout the service experience.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you are not thrilled with the cleaning experience you receive from our company we will rush back to your location at no charge, and no obligation.

How We Can Help You

Many people don’t realize just how dirty their upholstered furniture gets over time. Furniture collects dust, dead skin cells, sweat and oils, and the only way to remove these contaminants is by having your furniture cleaned by a trained professional. If your upholstered furniture has stains or odors, Professional Carpet Systems has the solution.

Our upholstery cleaning experts are here to help you maintain a cleanliness to your furniture that will impress guests and minimize health risks for your family. Sit back, relax, and trust our deep cleaning techniques proven to remove stains, odors, allergens, and other contaminants.

The material type of your upholstered furniture will determine the proper cleaning method and products we will implement and use. All types of upholstered furniture require cleaning over time. Some fabrics will show staining more easily than others, but that doesn’t mean it is any dirtier than other furniture in the same room with the same use. If you suffer from allergies or notice unpleasant odors, it may be time to have your upholstered furniture professionally cleaned. 

We can professionally clean: 

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We will clean your upholstery, taking extra care to address trouble spots and deliver the best results.



Your furniture will look, feel, and smell great, and you can rest easy knowing they're healthy, too.

stain removal

Stain Removal and Spot Treatment

If you use your furniture, it is going to get dirty over time. Stains are often unavoidable, and can significantly affect the appearance of your fine upholstered furniture. Some stains require special treatment based on the type of stain and the material affected. Professional Carpet Systems will determine the proper method for removing the stain and restoring your furniture back to its original condition.

odor removal

Odor Removal

Upholstered furniture that gets a lot of use also tends to collect odors over time, requiring the assistance of a professional cleaner. Most odors can be removed or neutralized from upholstered furniture during a professional cleaning. Whether the odor is from pets, smoking, body odors or foods, Professional Carpet Systems has the tools necessary to eliminate the odors from your furniture.

Safe Upholstery Cleaning

If you are considering having your upholstered furniture professionally cleaned, know that we take extra care when cleaning your furniture to give you the best and safest cleaning possible. After careful inspection and testing of the fabric, we will use a combination of hand and machine cleaning with special solutions and products specifically formulated for upholstery cleaning.  We assure your furniture is in safe hands.

Whether your upholstered furniture is just dirty or dingy from everyday use, of if you have specific needs like spot and stain removal or odor removal, Professional Carpet Systems will make them look great!

Connecticut’s Upholstery Cleaning Professionals

Professional Carpet Systems from Hartford, New Haven, Fairfield and surrounding Connecticut areas will professionally clean and protect your fine upholstered furnishings. 

We understand your desire to have clean, presentable furniture in the home. When you discover a stain or discoloration from years of dirt and buildup on your favorite sofa, you may worry that you’ll need to replace it in order to enjoy that fresh and clean feeling again. But that’s not necessary!

We know that purchasing upholstered furniture is an investment, and we want to help you protect your investment while keeping your furniture looking great long after your purchase. Call us today! 



Project: Clean Carpets
I am impressed with your entire organization. Sarah was very professional and Dean was a miracle worker! Amy & Curtis are always great to work with. No wonder they are successful!

Mary Kay Andrews

Southern, Connecticut

Project: Clean Carpets
One of the best experiences I’ve had with a company working in my home. The two best words to describe my experience is professional and courteous. The carpets looked outstanding upon completion. I was impressed with the consideration given to my home, woodwork was protected with tape and the gentleman that cleaned out carpet took pride in his work. Al did a wonderful job and my husband and I were very happy with his work. The results were impressive. My home feels so clean. The carpet on the stairs had some stains and now they look amazing. It makes me realize how much dust settles on the carpet and even with a regular vacuuming, how much healthier it is to have the carpets cleaned especially since I suffer from seasonal allergies.

Janice Sirote

Southern, Connecticut

Project: Clean Carpets
PCS was very professional.  They called to confirm as well as sent a written confirmation of the appointment.  The technician phoned when he was on his way and used shoe covers each time he entered the house.  He arrived promptly and completed the job in a short time.  PCS was able to remove a pet stain that we were sure would never come out.  The technician was extremely tolerant of our dog who, in his playful way, stole the paperwork out of the technician’s hand!

D. Zygmunt

Seymour, Connecticut

Project: Carpet Cleaning
Professional Carpet Systems were very professional. I appreciated the calls to confirm my appointment several days before and the night before. I was happy that I could get all 3 things I needed done to the carpet from one source. I had my carpet re-stretched, spot dyed and cleaned all from PCS.

Debby Kasowitz

Orange, Connecticut

Project: Carpet Cleaning
Al was very thoughtful with his cleaning and putting blocks under the furniture. He had an excellent attitude with helping move furniture and he went above and beyond to answer all of my questions. All of the pet stains and fur were removed from my carpet. Great Job!

David Gombas

Shelton, Connecticut

Project: Carpet Cleaning
Your customer service is excellent. You have an incredibly professional, nice team. Over the phone and in person. You are the A-TEAM! I thought the carpet in my new home would need to be replaced, however, Professional Carpet Systems made it like new. Also, my oriental rug is brighter and smells cleaner/better than when I purchased it from a reputable local dealer. THANK YOU!

Amy Fleming

Rowayton, Connecticut

Project: Carpet Cleaning
We were very grateful to talk to someone knowledgeable of our problem. (skunk odor). Amy was very helpful in accomodating our immediate need in scheduling someone to come out the very next day. This was even more amazing because I called late one evening and they came the very next day. PCS has very courteous servicemen and are very complete in the service requested. We now have an odor-free home! It is truly amazing.

The Breton’s

Oxford, Connecticut

Project: Carpet Cleaning
I have been 100% satisfied every time you come. Years ago when we rented a machine and cleaned our own carpets it was so messy and the results never lasted because of the residue which the cleaners left behind – to say nothing of the inconvenience of lugging the machine home and returning it to the store. Everyone who I have recommended you to have been very happy. Curtis always wears protective covers on his shoes, uses protectors at the corners of doorways, puts tabs or blocks under furniture legs and never leaves a mess or extra work behind. I was pleasantly surprised to see that he replaced my recliner which I lifted onto the bed to make ready for the cleaning. The best part is he does all this and more without being asked. (So rare in this day and age.)

Sandy Chemlen

Oxford, Connecticut

Project: Carpet Cleaning
Professional Carpet Systems did a beautiful job on my carpets. They are clean and as full as the day I purchased them. Carpets have an extreme clean sent. Dean was very friendly and courteous. He performed an excellent job. He promptly arrived and started the job. The job was quickly performed with great results.

Carol Bender

Southern, Connecticut

Project: Carpet Cleaning and Pet Urine
Your people do a great job, are very professional and knowledgeable. They are prompt and courteous. We had a dog and had urine stains in the living room. Other companies had tried to get out the stains but your company was the only one that worked. My living room looks brand new and I was amazed how the final raking made the carpet look incredible. Could you please let me know if I can buy one of those rakes from you and how much it would cost?

Weslie Goldfarb

Southern, Connecticut

Project: Carpet Cleaning
From the time Amy arrived to provide an estimate through the time that Curtis stretched the carpet and Al did the cleaning, every step in the process was professional, pleasant and punctual. Amy explained that some of the furniture indentations might not completely come back up – but she was wrong. After 6 years of indentations EVERY spot bounced back up. It was AMAZING!! Curtis also did such a fabulous job of re-stretching the carpet, it looks better now than when it was first installed.

Mary Ann Brown

Wallingford, Connecticut

Project: Mold Removal Comments: Thank you so much for a job well done on my car. I didn't think it could be saved. What an amazing job of mold removal.

Judy Hillis

New Haven, Connecticut

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