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Here at Professional Carpet Systems of Connecticut we understand that accidents do happen. A cup of coffee knocked off the table, a handful of spaghetti thrown on the floor by an excited toddler, muddy shoe prints tracked in from outside. All of these things take a toll on the health of your carpets and can lead to spots and hard to remove stains.

Spots Vs Stains


When liquids or oils are spilt onto your carpet spots are the marks left behind. Dark patches appear because the liquid attracts the dirt to the carpet fiber. The dirt may not penetrate the fiber and can usually be removed during the carpet care cleaning process, without any additional charges. Dirty spots or marks are usually more common in high traffic areas of your carpet.  We take extra care when cleaning your carpets and use a spot remover before we clean your carpets.


Stains are the result of a liquid that has penetrated and dyed your carpet fibers. If you have ever had the experience of spilling red wine on your carpets then you would know how difficult these stains can be to remove.  Without proper treatment stains can become permanent.

Put your trust in the carpet care professionals

If your carpets have any stain think carefully before attempting a do-it-yourself removal. In most cases, trying to remove a stain without proper experience and know-how can damage your carpets and make the stain worse.

Professional Carpet Systems of Connecticut can remove stains quickly and efficiently, saving you the stress, money and the hassle of replacing damaged carpets. Our professional care about the health of your carpets and use tried and tested spot and stain removal procedures that are guaranteed to restore your carpets to their former glory.

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